Synergetic. Cerebral. Transparent. 

 synergetic: interaction of elements when combined produce a total effect greater than the sum of the individual

cerebral: intellectual concepts, process/ research, active pursuit of a task/ concept

 transparent: to the point, the way it is, human body for the human body, not sugar coated

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NEAR&FAR Projects (NFP) was founded in Fall of 2016 by artistic directors Tavia Christina and Rachel Facchini. The two had one goal in mind, to develop a creative outlet that would represent who the two are as artists, performers and individuals. The synergetic partnership is joined by the shared passion of unconventional performance and the intersection of philosophical ideas and movement. Tavia and Rachel are inspired by the human body and its natural state of being, allowing them to put forth dance that is true to human nature and its purity; through the lens of dense and complex philosophical ideas.

Some of NFP's highlights include, Long Winter Toronto, Irritation Cycle (December 2016), Night Swim, an art party curated by Alvin Collates and Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansan, again, again, again (December 2016), tucked&tied; a short film featured in Alias Dance Projects Film Festival (November 2016), web series including short films, BLOOM 4 U, This is my Excuse and, adorn. In January, NFP produced an informal showing, A Timely Paradox,including two new works with dancers and actors; Kunzite and Two Truths and a Lie. NFP has partnered with Short Dances to create an evening performance bringing together artists of different disciplines (March 2017). Most recently, Tavia collaborated with London, UK based dance artist, Ellen Gordon of Torgan Dance Co., to develop a new solo work Reaching Restrictions, which premiered in December 2017, in London UK.




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