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We sat down with Brianna clarke and chatted about our piece this is where it starts in her (art)versation


Audition highlight video for our first ever full length show!


Rachel and Tavia embark on DUO - a project where the two artistic directors create new work or expand on existing work during residencies. This first phase of DUO is apart of a longer process which will be turned into a full evening length performance in the new year.



our first ever art party was a huge success! for more photos and reviews, be sure to check out our press page


Choreographic exchange

 Torgan Dance Company resides in London, UK. Our teams met up in Israel and have created and exchanged new choreographic works IN the BEGINNING OF 2017. More recently, Torgan has premiEred these worKS in DECEMBER, IN support of the West London Action for Children. 


NEAR&FAR Projects new creation entitled “Noise Floor” will be set on Ellen Gordon, one of the Co-Artistic Directors of Torgan Dance Company. This nine minute work features the exploration of vocal and text based movement. The dancer undergoes a reverse cycle of the self, where she finds herself exploring finding bodily noises, text and frequencies that initiate or react with movement. Some questions being asked in process are: How does noise constrict or free you in certain situations, Where are the different ranges on your body that can initiate sound, How does pace affect sound, Where was sound first developed in the body and lastly, can we create new sound or frequencies. These leading questions will aid the dancer’s vocal and textual based research and will become a blend of the soundtrack and movement within the piece. Throughout the piece, there will be obstacles ie. tape, microphones, water and tubes that the dancer will use. These objects can either hinder or enhance the vocal/text based movement.

“Reaching Restriction” Torgan’s new creation on NEAR&FAR Projects is a solo based on the mental and physical restriction on the human body. Ellen Gordon has implemented several tasks to push the physicality of the piece. Though the dancer is experimenting with literal limitations, she is also researching the inner workings of metaphysical restriction. These limitations are also found mentally and physically with the use of an object. Examples of this could be, pushing social situations that are out of your comfort zone, by exuding your feelings and/or thought and responding based on the acceptance. Torgan is also testing how object limitation on the body can be confining. I.e being wrapped with a rope or wearing a straight jacket. These thoughts are to send a message of how far you can put yourself in certain restrictive situations. These tasks put the dancer in a place of investigation. To find if there is pleasure/pain, acceptance/refusal and possibility within the movement.