covered&coated is a physical representation of the marks an individual leaves on the world; both the positive and negative impacts one person can create. The work attempts to demonstrate the way humans brush over or cover imperfections, allowing only the pragmatic to be seen and sharing the more favourable qualities and characteristics. 




Kunzite explores the physicality of being and doing things for the first time. What if you woke up one day and your senses had reverted to the way they were as an infant while, your mind remained the same? You had all knowledge but your senses lagged. The challenge would to reintegrate the senses with the advanced cognitive abilities.

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Two Truths and a  Lie



Two Truths and a Lie deals with the facts and theories that a person has been taught to believe. This piece came out of a collaborative process with the performers. We questioned how a fact can be proven as true and through an infinite regress we debated the uncertainty of truths.


again, again, again.


Our natural tendencies lie in our obligation to build, structure and grow. We only notice the things we lack; in ourselves once they have been recognized. Once impacted, it is our job to deconstruct, rebuild and create ourselves to beauty again.


Premiere - Night Swim: Tara Kisil, Hannah Krostewitz, Carley Stastny, music rights: Teen Suicide - Haunt (x3)

Remount - New Blue Festival 2017: Laura Carella, Brianna Salmon, Carley Stastny, original soundtrack by Nigel Edward


Irritation Cycle


This piece explores human tendencies and their relation to living a routine-based life. The work will dive into the restrictions faced when living a monotonous day-to-day routine as well as how one’s habits affect a person’s behavior and mental state.

Performers: Tavia Christina and Hannah Robertson




oh, my g0d!


when you've found something so good, you wish you'd never let it go. this was it. she's still having fun but now it's done.

Dancer Ellen Gordon

Curated/Shot/Edited by Tavia Christina

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washed up/

carried away


have you ever stood on a beach alone, took a deep breathe and admired the waves? this meditative video sees the waves and the stories they bring. what washes ashore and whatever the water carries away leaves a distance between your feet and the water.

Curated/shot/edited by Rachel Facchini

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Cutting Glue


What is beauty? How do we see things as beautiful or perfection? Do I have obligations to abide by as a cisgendered queer female? Can I break them?

Cutting Glue explores the advertisement of beauty in an unconditional fashion. Seduction and distortion compliment themselves in this contemporary movement based film.

Music by Arca
Performed/Created/Shot/Edited by Tavia Christina

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Gone back into the vault. Found your voice again. I remembered. We sound happy. I stayed in bed all day. It was a cold night. Even for the summer. Even for the winter. We laughed for no good reason. This had no good reason.

Curated, shot and edited by Tavia Christina




adorn - (to make something more beautiful or attractive); This is a reminder that every person is their truest form of beauty and that we need no other being to justify the allure of a single limb.

Curated, shot by Rachel Facchini
Edited by Rachel Facchini and Tavia Christina

*Music* - Headache by Grouper


this is my excuse


This is my excuse; a one shot documentation of a personal experiment revolving around anxiety, self reflection and mania.

Curated, shot and edited by: Tavia Christina

*Music rights* - Bird's Eye by RYAN Playground




BLOOM 4 you - The deconstruction of a relationship which was solely based on sexual behaviour, mistreatment and lack of communication. We follow the side of the story where the noise was most disrupted. Are we attached to fabrication? The illusion? Or are we blinded by it and only realize it once it is too late.

Curated, shot and edited by Tavia Christina

*Music* - La lettre by Florent Otis