• 27 Scharnweberstraße
  • Berlin, Berlin, 12587
  • Germany

Rachel will be spending July 2018 in Berlin, Germany as a dance artist in resident at Lake Studios. She will be entering a solo research project concerning the idea of social perception and will have the opportunity to present my solo in the Unfinished Fridays series. 


"Humans are such complex beings with highly complicated minds. I am deeply interested in the perception one individual gathers of another on a first encounter or after a long relationship. Can we ever truly know someone? Are our perceptions of each other accurate? Why do we often find ourselves ‘surprised’ with the actions of our ‘best friend’ or the words from our sibling or spouse’s mouth? I wish to research social relationships and attempt to understand how and why a person develops a perception of another.

After traveling South East Asia and meeting many new people, I began to realize that I perceived an individual one way and then as I got to know them, my perception began to drastically change; neither for the better or worse – simply altered as I learned more about the person. Soon I discovered in all relationships, both parts have respectably created a perception of one another. I became interested in the accuracy of these perceptions and curious about how these images alter as the relationship progresses. I started to ask myself: how do others perceive me? How does one’s physical image (physicality, fashion, race, gender, facial characteristics etc) attribute to the way they are perceived?"